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Ravercise classes will be back again on the 15th September after a summer break!

Our lovely, talented teachers Kim and Amy have prepared a complete new set of moves, and our resident DJ Detski has worked hard to bring you the best new and old school tunes that will get you bouncing!

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We've listened to your feedback and have launched a new, easier to use booking system, powered by industry leaders Mindbody.

You can now book on a smartphone using the app Mindbody Connect, available for iPhone and Android, as well as through


Dates and details will be announced soon, get ahead of the pack and reserve your place now!


A social dancing workout provides similar exercise benefits to taking a four mile walk! At Ravercise you’ll burn even more with our specially designed interval training routines.

You can help ward off disease

Studies by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute have shown that taking regular activity by dancing can help prevent heart disease and decrease blood pressure.
Dancing also helps to strengthen your bones and joints which means you have less chance of developing osteoporosis, and keeps your weight in check helping to ward off diabetes.
Another study even found that dancing reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia in the elderly! We're in!

You can work out your mind and your body at the same time

If you're dancing, you'll likely be grooving along to tunes you love. This not only keeps your body moving... but your brain as well!
A study in the Heart & Lung journal showed that people who listened to music while they exercised showed better verbal fluency as a result. It is thought that listening to music may stimulate and increase cognitive arousal while helping to organize cognitive output.
So turn up the stereo and get your brain in on the action too!


A fun way to get yourself fit!

Ravercise is a fast paced, fun filled dance class featuring a live DJ playing energetic bass music, choreographed and taught by professional dancers on a low lit club dance floor in Shoreditch.

The class lasts one hour and incorporates a warm up, high intensity interval training, stretching and a cool down. This is followed by our famous endorphin fueled Skank-Out, where the DJ plays a fresh new mix for everyone to enjoy. This is the time to let your hair down and get your midweek groove on!

The routines are high intensity so we provide enough time after the tough ones for you to catch your breath and rehydrate. Everyone is encouraged to learn the routines at their own pace, most of us made up some moves at first!

Our vibe is friendly and relaxed, with many of us socialising together after class in the lounge area.

Ravercise is all about fun, friends, fitness ... and

great music!


Music Lovers

Whether you're looking for an alternative to a heavy night out or just fancy a hearty weeknight boogie, music lovers of all ages will enjoy our classes.

Fitness Fanatics

Any fitness fanatics seeking something new and exciting will enjoy our unique exercise experience set to energetic underground grooves.

Social Butterflies

Those wanting to meet like-minded people will get a kick out of our social atmosphere. Feel free to hang out and socialise with us after classes at our friendly venue The Mother Bar.

Beginners and Experts Alike

The dance routines range from simple to advanced, classes are enjoyable for people of all experience levels. Complex moves are broken down by the instructors before some routines to help you nail the tricky bits.


£84 for unlimited sessions until the end of the year
£8 for 1 session
- when booked online*

* If you were unable to book in for a class you wish to attend and there is still space available we will charge a £15 cash price on the door. We don't mind if you use your smartphone at the venue to book and pay the standard price before joining the class.

See our booking page for more details and to reserve your place at specific classes.

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Our Shoreditch classes will be held at a new venue, TBC.

Our Brixton classes are held upstairs at the Dogstar: 389 Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8LQ.


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Over 90% of our customers would recommend us to their friends!

I cannot imagine Mondays without it. If it ever stopped I would cry. I would actually cry. Keep it going!!!!Lara, Hackney

Great way to forget about your day, socialise AND keep fit!!!Jill, Kingston upon Thames

Amazing High intensity fitness dance class and so much fun with a live DJ set and great choreography! :-)Danielle, Hertfordshire

This was seriously one of the happiest workouts I have ever done. I'd go back to this class a thousand times over!Emma, City of London

I love raving, I would go out dancing a lot more if I didn’t need my sleep for work so for me Ravercise is the best way to beat the midweek blues. I always have so much fun it doesn't even feel like I’m working out but I’ve been using muscles I didn't know I had, become much more toned and have noticed a real difference in my overall fitness since I started. My favourite thing about Ravercise is the friendly vibe; it’s all the fun of a rave but without any of the unhealthy side effects like alcohol and sleep deprivation. I finish each class with a big smile on my face and with loads of energy. Ravercise is my weekly mood-lift!Lyria, Golders Green

I didn't think exercise could be this fun! Ravercise is such a great way to stay in shape- beats the treadmill hands down!!Sarah H, Shadwell

I have never been a big fan of gym classes so Ravercise was to be a big test for me. Would the promise of great music and the ethos of a fun party atmosphere live up to my expectations, get me fitter and keep me coming back?

The low-lighting nightclub feel of the class made me feel comfortable from day one and the teachers are extremely professional, enthusiastic, and friendly. They break down the more complex moves for the benefit of the less coordinated members of the group beforehand and provide instructions and encouragement throughout the class, which is great for me as I have two left feet! In terms of intensity, it’s definitely a rigorous workout. With beats of up to 170bpm, even the fittest will break a sweat and if you can’t keep up with the choreography at first then you are encouraged to just keep bouncing until you can get yourself back into the flow- nobody is judging you here. It is also interesting and refreshing to see a good proportion of men enjoying the class. It seems that the type of music, underground feel and style of dance is less gender biased than other classes.

The best part for me is that just when you think you have nothing left to give and the official warm-down has concluded, someone shouts ‘freestyle’ mid-track, the MC spits some rhymes and everyone goes bonkers again! This works a treat and gets that last extra push out of you just when you thought you were ready to drop. It goes to show that the power of great music and a fab atmosphere can get even the most reluctant exercisers (like me) to push themselves to the limit.

Ravercise is by far the best class I have ever attended.

Helen P, Wimbledon